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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Axe+hand= bloody mess

Yesterday the hubby was chopping firewood,using an axe as a hatchet and not wearing his gloves like he usually does. So, he managed to chop directly into his palm. This picture was taken today, 24 hours later, after it had been bandaged and washed. It was also immediately after he took a shower, so it was cleaned of all the dried blood and goop. It is a miracle that this is all the damage he did. It needed stitches, but he refused to let me take him to the doctor, instead preferring to "just slap some bandaids on it." Today I convinced him to at least put the liquid bandage on to seal it. I told him it was not going to heal correctly or as quickly because of the lack of stitches, and he said he didn't care because it would be a cool scar....men.

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