I have been a slacker, not posting every day. I am going to start posting every day again, and attempt to go back and catch us up ! Thanks for sharing in my miracles every day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

We all scream for ice cream

The boy and I were walking at a street fair downtown today when he announced that he wanted ice cream. We just happened to be very near a place that has good ice cream, cheap!, so I agreed. When he got inside, the boy scrutinized the selection for several minutes before I asked what his favorite flavor was. He said "Blue." I told him blue is not a flavor. He got very serious for a minute before nodding in agreement and saying "Ok...I want green." It was so funny that I just had to get him the green. (Which is pistachio by the way. In case you are wondering, I had purple...huckleberry.)

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