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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

For Mother's day, the boy (with help from Daddy) made me a custom jacket to wear. It goes with everything, and it is a one of a kind original! The boys made me breakfast, and all Daddy's morning meetings were cancelled, so I had help getting the kids ready for church. Then at church they gave the Mommy's potted marigolds, and the boy did a survey in nursery which I will post here. Tonight for dinner we are having tamales and spanish rice, and the missionaries and Nana are coming. Pretty good day!
The boy's survey:
My Mother's full name: Momma
She was born in a town called: She wasn't a baby
She is now 5 years old and 65 pounds tall.
My Mother likes to: Give kisses.
But, she is sad when: I'm naughty.
The funniest thing I ever saw my mom do was: wipe baby's urpy.
One of the most fun things my mom does is: give big hugs.
My mom's favorite food is: dinner.
My mom does not like to eat: dinner.
My mom's favorite color is :pink.
My mom's favorite time of day is: bed time.
My mother's job is: make breakfast.
My mom is really good at: make breakfast.
The first thing my mom does when she wakes up is: snore and make noise.
I like when my mother: gives kisses.
I like to pick up toys for my mother.
My mom's best friend is : Me.
I love when my mom: tells me about Jesus.
One reason I love my mom is: she be happy.
If I could give my mom anything it would be: a jacket.

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