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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daddy's girl

Baby Girl had her 2 month check up today. Here's how she measures up;
Height 24 1/8 inches tall 90th percentile
Weight 12 lbs 13 oz 95th percentile
Head 15 1/4 50th percentile

She is growing so fast! She also had to have her first 3 shots today which of course she hated, but she got over quickly.

And now a funny quote from the boy:
We were talking about all the reasons he needs to use the potty and stop wearing diapers. Mommy made several points, like "you can't go to school until you start using the potty," and "Big boys use the potty not diapers," and "you can't wear Superman underwear until you stop peeing in your diapers." The boy considered all this, and then asked "If I pee on Superman, will he beat up my wiener?" Glad to see he knows what is important!

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  1. Okay I laughed my head off at the quote from "the boy!" I'm potty training Oliver right now and it is an adventure! He's a stubborn little monster but I want to have it all done and just a regular thing by the time this baby gets here... plus I'm tired of buying and changing diapers! That was a much needed laugh after the day these potty trainers have had!