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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Smooches make it all better

Since Eve first smooched Cain, Abel, and Seth's owies, all kids have known that Momma smooches are magical. Momma smooches can fix any owie. Skinned your knees? Momma will smooch it and make it better. Bumped your head? Momma smooch. Got your feelings hurt? Well Momma smooches can fix that too. This is a time honored and time proven fix for all owies. Every man,woman, and child knows that Momma can smooch an owie and make it better. But, I am going to let you in on a secret that only Mommas know....kid smooches are magical too. Kid smooches can make every thing better, not just owies. Kid smooches can make a whole day better. Kid smooches are more than magical, they are legendary. Kid smooches make you happy to be a parent, happy to be alive...kid smooches just make you happy. NO MATTER WHAT...and now you know.

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