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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A present for Baby sister

We were at WalMart and the boy started begging to go to the baby section. When we got over there he said he had to buy baby sister a present. I said he didn't need to buy anything for her, but he insisted "I have eight dollars!" (Which he didn't...no idea where he got that from =) . ) So, I had to let him pick out a present. He was so cute, he looked at everything before deciding on a stuffed pink and purple butterfly rattle and a green outfit with pink hearts all over it. He picked the paper and the card (which says "Happy Birthday" on it.) And wrapped it all by himself. He was so proud of that present. He put it on the table we have early baby shower presents sitting on, and told me "Momma you open this at your bath party (shower.)" He is too cute.

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