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Monday, November 22, 2010


Boy howdy, did we get a snow day! It started about 7:30 am and literally did not stop until about 7:30 pm. For 12 solid hours it DUMPED snow. I don't know what the official measurement was, but outside our door we got about 12 inches of powder. We had quite a day! We built a snowman, threw snow balls, made snow angels, sledded down the hill, took pictures, and had hot cocoa. It was a lot of fun. The boy LOVES the snow. Baby girl...not so much. She cried almost the entire time she was outside (less than 10 minutes.) Maybe she will get used to it, I bet we'll have more snow this year. I had such fun with the boy today. Our snowman was built at about 9 am, so by the afternoon, it was completely buried under new snow!

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  1. Very cute snowman and adorable kids! It is so crazy that there is all that snow in Washington and hardly any snow here in Utah.