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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa Daddy

Every year since the boy's first Christmas, Daddy has played Santa Claus at work. The boy refuses to sit with any "other" Santa. This year, the boy has started calling him "Santa Daddy." He was very excited to go to see Santa Daddy and sit with him. Santa Daddy asked "What's your name little boy?" And the boy gave him this great "you've got to be kidding me" look. I love how baby girl is staring up at him, as soon as she realized that was her Daddy. We have a picture VERY similar to this one, of the first time the boy saw Santa Daddy. Speaking of the boy, last year, we were at our ward Christmas party, and Daddy wasn't Santa. We stood in line for a long time to see Santa, and when we were next, the boy says to me "That's not Daddy!" I told him I knew, but it was ok, we could still go sit with him. The boy FLAT OUT refused to go sit on that Santa's lap, and turned in the line and yelled to all the other kids "That is NOT Santa!" He wouldn't sit in his lap, or even look at him. So my picture was of the boy pouting standing in front of Santa. It was still pretty cute, especially because of the story behind it. Daddy will be Santa at our ward party this year, so the boy will not stage a protest this time. It cracks me up that things are so black and white, right or wrong, to the boy. Daddy not being Santa is just wrong. Today, the boy told me there are only two things that make him happy. Snow and Santa Daddy! Too funny.

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