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Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am not really sure if I would say today was a good day.We got to attend the baptism of my sweet little 8 year old cousin, which was wonderful. He bore his simple,pure testimony saying he knows the church is true and that he loves his family.
But, today we also had to attend the funeral of our dear friend. Both were held in our ward's meeting house. I know that my friend's body is healthy and whole. He is no longer in pain, and he is with his Heavenly Father. But, I miss him. I miss his smiling face and the way he made me laugh. (He was a stand up comedian.)
So, my cousin's baptism on this sad day was, to me, like when you can see individual rays of sunlight shining through gray storm clouds. A good day? On second thought, it really was a good day. Rest in peace, Jay. I will see you again my friend. Until then, I know you are making all the angels laugh.

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