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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baby girl...by the numbers.

Baby girl had her one year old baby appointment today. Here's how she stacks up...
Height... 30 inches... 75th percentile
Weight... 22 pounds... 75th percentile
Head circumference... 17 inches... 75th percentile
Iron level... 12.2 ... Really good!

75 seems to be her lucky number! The doctor was impressed with her dexterity and fine motor skills, and her verbal skills. She however was TERRIFIED with the picture of a deer that was painted on the wall. The only "problem" we noted was that she seems to be suffering from night terrors. She will, almost every night, start screaming/crying. She never wakes up for it, and it only lasts a few minutes, but every night it makes me miserable. I am so sad that my sweet baby is distressed. Every morning she wakes up happy and smiling though, so she seems to be ok. She had to have 5 shots (immunizations) and a toe poke (to check her iron.) She was NOT happy about that, but then she got a book from the doctor (they give each kid a book at every scheduled check up, which is an awesome thing for the doctor to do!) full of pictures of babies, and she loves it.

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