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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sharing should never be too hard.

The boy was on a playdate at his little friend's house, and his mom reported to following conversation to me;
My Boy: Can I have one of your trees?
Friend's Mom: Sure, we can make some treats.
My Boy: No, trees. TREES. I want a tree.
Friend's Mom: A...tree?
My Boy: Yes, I want to plant a tree at my house.
Friend's Mom: Oh, honey I don't think it would be very easy to get one of my trees to your house.
My Boy: We should always share. It's never too hard to share.

So, we got the boy two of his very own fruit trees. They are both hybrid, self pollenating. One is plums and the other is cherries. They both have several little green buds on them, so we'll see if they actually give us any fruit. The boy is very excited about them, and we check on them everyday. Repeatedly.

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