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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cold hard cash

Ok, so we've got the boy completely potty trained WHEN we are at home and he is not wearing any pants. (Hey, it's a step...) But, I have found the only bribe...a hem, incentive...that works for when we are away from home, or when he has any kind of heinie covering on. Cold hard cash...that is the only thing that works. He gets 1 quarter for peeing in the potty, 2 quarters for "number two." BUT, if he has an accident (meaning he goes in his pants with out even trying to make it to the potty) he gets either one or two quarters taken away. He wants a lady bug "Pillow Pet" (gee thanks Nickelodeon commercials!) so he is saving his monies to buy one. Capitalism at it's best. Whatever works at this point is ok by me. We'll see if it works. Today he really wanted to earn to quarters so he was sitting on the potty and saying "Come on (his name.) Push, try really hard.!" Nothing like a little pep talk to get things, ummm moving.

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