I have been a slacker, not posting every day. I am going to start posting every day again, and attempt to go back and catch us up ! Thanks for sharing in my miracles every day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Today was the first day of Joy School. We had it at our house, and focused on getting reacquainted, reviewing the rules, getting back into the groove.  The boy has been anxiously awaiting getting back to preschool. He has two, this one that is home based and focuses on things like family relationships, having courage, making goals, and then a traditional one that teaches reading skills, etc.  He loves them both and both are very good for him in different ways.  I desperately wanted to go to kindergarten this year, but he is still just too young. One more year for him to be a little guy. I figured out today that he will graduate with the class of 2025.  Wow does that make me feel super old.

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