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Monday, April 11, 2011

Shadow dancing

The boy was dancing with his shadow, and he kept telling it "red light" and "green light." It was pretty hilarious. Speaking of hilarious, here are some funny things he has said lately.
*Eating a tomato he said "This pretty much rocks my whole mouth."
*After church he was singing "Christ the Lord has risen today, a-a-a-a-lle-lu-u-ia. In a one horse open sleigh, a-a-a-a-lle-lu-u-ia." LoL!!
*Daddy told him to quit being silly and eat his meal. He said "This is not a meal..it's a vacation!"
* "Mom you're not pretty, you're just a mom."
* I coughed and he said "say excuse me" I asked why and he said "Your mouth tooted."
* I was super sick on Tues, and I went in to take a nap, when I came out he kept calling me "Mama bear." Finally I asked why he was calling me that and he said "Because you were snoring like a big bear."
* "When Santa Claus brings me something....I KEEP it!"
* "Ow!" Mom "What's the matter?" Boy "I just fell on my spleen."
* He was lying in my lap with his head on my stomach and said "What a comfy pillow." After a few minutes, he moved his head several inches north and said "Oh, a bigger pillow!"
* Mommy "You are my knight in shining armor." Boy "No, I'm just a kid... in pajamas!"
‎*"Mom, can you tell me another story?" "No I just told you one." "I forgot it...it's gone out of my head."
*When I asked him what he learned in preschool, "When I get bigger my belly will grow... and my wiener."
*"I'm using my xray vision to see the milk in your boobies."
*Me"I don't negotiate with terrorists." Boy "Yeah we don't groceries state with carrots."
* When I gave him a hug, he said "Don't squeeze too tight, all my juice will run out and I'll have no energy drinks left."

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