I have been a slacker, not posting every day. I am going to start posting every day again, and attempt to go back and catch us up ! Thanks for sharing in my miracles every day!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Seems like a weird place to nap....

I don't really think I need to say any more than that!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Almost there

My good friend took this picture of me. I am trying to make up for not taking any belly pictures the whole pregnancy by taking a lot now =) 18 days to go!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Showered in love

Tonight was my baby shower. It was PERFECT. Everything was pink and green with hearts and shamrocks. About 35 of my lovely friends came and completely "showered" us in gifts. The food was great, the cake(s) were beautiful. (One regular, one gluten free.) The boy had a lot of fun jumping into piles of tissue paper afterwards. We are so lucky.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I do it myself!

The boy is becoming so fiercely independent. Lately he won't let anyone help him do anything. He is learning to brush his own teeth, tie his own shoes, climb in and out of the car seat with out help...What cracks me up most is when he is sitting playing games on Daddy's iTouch. How did my three year old become such a little person? But, he still climbs up in my lap and snuggles and tells me I am his favorite Mommy. He is still my little boy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lucky day?

Today must be my lucky day. Leaving the doctor's office, I saw this rainbow.
Then, while playing outside with the boy, I found a 4 leaf clover!

Baby girl is due St. Patrick's Day....maybe she really is a lucky charm!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cleaning up my mess

I don't know what possessed this child, but he found a long sheet of packing styrofoam from the baby's hutch/dresser, and proceeded to jump on it and smash it to smithereens. I am talking teeny pieces of styrofoam EVERYWHERE. So, he was given a choice....pick it up, or stand in the corner. He opted to pick it up. While he was picking it up he complained about being "too tired" to clean. What a stinker!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Watch out world!

We took the boy for his 3 year old birthday portraits. I can not believe he is 3. He has grown up so much. I may be biased, but he is truly the cutest boy I know. I am so proud of him and I can't wait to see how he grows into a man. He is my pride and joy and the miracle baby I wasn't supposed to have. Happy Bday (again) little man!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here you go Momma

The boy started emptying his pockets after nursery today, and told me I could keep his "treasures." His treasures consisted of one penny, three pebbles, and a butterscotch candy (which he promptly took back and ate!) I asked if he was sure he wanted to give up his treasures and he said "You need them Momma. I love you too." And then ran off to pick a flower. I love that boy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Think I'll go for a walk outside...the summer sun's calling my name!

I can't believe the beautiful sunny clear crisp days we are having lately. The boy is loving playing outside, and I am loving the sun shining without it being hot. Nothing is better than walking barefoot through the grass while the boy plays while the sun is shining on your face!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hey little buddy!

The boy had a great time playing outside today. It was so warm and sunny, blue skies, not a cloud anywhere. He played on his Big Wheels, ran around in the grass barefoot, and found a little bug to play with. He was so excited about this little beetle. He held it for a long time, then gently put him down on the ground. When the beetle crawled away, the boy got down on his hands and knees and followed it for a while. It was so sweet. What a good day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My multi-talented hubby

I love that my hubby has that man gene that allows him to construct big things with 10,000 little parts and rudimentary drawings in lieu of actual instructions. I left him with a pile of wood, a screwdriver, and a ridiculous set of "instructions." Two hours later when I got home, he had the baby's dresser and hutch completely built, in the right place, and the carpet vacuumed and the boxes in the garage. Gotta love that!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A present for Baby sister

We were at WalMart and the boy started begging to go to the baby section. When we got over there he said he had to buy baby sister a present. I said he didn't need to buy anything for her, but he insisted "I have eight dollars!" (Which he didn't...no idea where he got that from =) . ) So, I had to let him pick out a present. He was so cute, he looked at everything before deciding on a stuffed pink and purple butterfly rattle and a green outfit with pink hearts all over it. He picked the paper and the card (which says "Happy Birthday" on it.) And wrapped it all by himself. He was so proud of that present. He put it on the table we have early baby shower presents sitting on, and told me "Momma you open this at your bath party (shower.)" He is too cute.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Play hard or go home!

The boy LOVES to jump, crash, wrestle, and head butt anything that he can go over, under, through...Today he decided he wanted to fly like "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!" and took a header off the couch into the coffee table. He managed to split his lip, and cried for a while. But, then when he saw the blood on the cloth he thought it was too cool! He was fascinated that the "blue lines" of blood in his body turn red when they come out. This picture was after he was done crying and was checking out the cool blood. I told him I wanted a picture of his owie so he made this pouty face. What an actor!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Belly Pics FHE

Tonight for FHE, we took family pics. We realized we hadn't taken any pics of Momma's pregnant belly. Since we only have 31 days left until Baby Girl is born, we felt the need to get them done. There were A LOT of really good ones, it was hard to pick a few to put on here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's day is super sweet when you share it!

So for Valentine's day, we decided to share a meal with the Elders. We did "mongolian" bbq and let everyone make whatever they wanted, then we had chocolate cherry cupcakes for dessert. It was fun and sweet, and we had the added bonus of getting to serve the missionaries. The boy helped decorate the cupcakes, and was quite proud to hand them out.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I made dat....myself!

The boy says that a lot. "I made dat....myself." Usually it is followed by "come here, I show you." Well...I made the curtains, bumper, and crib skirt...myself. If you know me well you know that this is quite the accomplishment. We decided to get the baby's room ready today come heck or high water. I finished sewing the bumper after 11pm. But, everything is ready in the baby's room, except the dresser which has not come in to the store yet, but it is on it's way! I really liked the bedding and valance, so we bought those, but I could not find curtains or a bumper/crib skirt that I liked, so I bought material and made them. I LOVE how they turned out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bob the builder

I think Bob the Builder is obnoxious...but...the boy loves it so I endure the torture that is Bob the Builder. Daddy took apart a dresser that was broken and gave the boy the pieces to "build" with. The boy hammered and screwed and sawed with his plastic tool set. Then he piled them all on top of each other and said he was building a house for one of his little buddies to live in. I said but "He lives with his Mommy and Daddy." The boy said "well this is his vacation house." And then went back to building whilst singing at the top of his lungs "Bob the Builder can we fix it? Bob the builder YES WE CAN!"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Future WWE World Heavyweight champion!

The boy and Daddy were wrestling today. Daddy was letting the boy jump on him from the ottoman, and I managed to capture this awesome body slam! I love my boys! It makes me nervous when they play so rough, but they both seem to enjoy it so I just cringe and look away.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We have been talking about opposites the last couple of days. The boy understands the concept pretty well I think. Today we were showing off for Daddy, and I asked "What's the opposite of up?" And the boy said "down." "On?" "Off." "White?" "Black." Then I asked "What is the opposite of hot?" To which the boy replied "taco!"

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

S is for....snowman?

The boy and I are making letter creatures. (We are not doing them in alphabetical order.) Today he wanted to make an s. When I asked him what animal starts with s, de thought about it for a while, making the "ssssss" sound. I fully expected him to say snake, but instead he said "snowman." While a snowman is not, strictly speaking, an animal...he has loved snowmen since he was a teeny baby, so of course we had to make a snowman! I am going to laminate all the "animals" and hang them around his play room. (In alphabetical order! )

Monday, February 8, 2010

Robots in disguise

The boy is big into "Transformers" right now. His favorite is Bumblebee. Every yellow car we see he proclaims to be Bumblebee, or Bumblebee's baby sister, Bumblebee's daddy, etc. He got this helmet and cannon for his birthday and has been wearing them many hours a day since. The helmet is VERY heavy though, so it is cute to see him trying to keep it on.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crazy heekpups

Today the boy had the hiccups. We all get them quite regularly around here. But, apparently these were "crazy heekpups," according to the boy. He wanted me to take a picture of his "crazy heekpups." When I asked him how you take a picture of a hiccup, he said "I show you," and directed me where to aim the camera. So, in their world premiere, I present for your viewing pleasure.....CRAZY HEEKPUPS!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My boy is turning 3!

I can't believe the boy is 3. He can't be 3, he is my baby! He had a pirate party with 11 of his little buddies today. It was a big success, and I can not believe the haul of loot he got! Happy birthday to my miracle boy.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cheese Momma? Please?!

The boy always wants to take pictures with my camera. To ask permission he just says "cheese Momma?" Which I have learned means he wants to take a picture and wants me to say cheese. Today he must have snuck the camera out of my purse, because when I got the camera out later to take a picture, this was the last one taken. I thought it was so cute, that it must be shared, though I didn't take it.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let's go surfing now

As previously discussed, the boy gets hours of fun playing with the boxes his toys came in. Here, he managed to make a slide out of a big box, and was surfing down it with a pillow. I had to cringe a few times (overprotective) but he had a lot of fun, and managed not to get hurt. He thought he was the coolest surfing down that box. I have to admit it did look pretty fun!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Smooches make it all better

Since Eve first smooched Cain, Abel, and Seth's owies, all kids have known that Momma smooches are magical. Momma smooches can fix any owie. Skinned your knees? Momma will smooch it and make it better. Bumped your head? Momma smooch. Got your feelings hurt? Well Momma smooches can fix that too. This is a time honored and time proven fix for all owies. Every man,woman, and child knows that Momma can smooch an owie and make it better. But, I am going to let you in on a secret that only Mommas know....kid smooches are magical too. Kid smooches can make every thing better, not just owies. Kid smooches can make a whole day better. Kid smooches are more than magical, they are legendary. Kid smooches make you happy to be a parent, happy to be alive...kid smooches just make you happy. NO MATTER WHAT...and now you know.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Potatoes

The boy still hasn't seen any snow this year, so Daddy made him a snowman out of his dinner. The boy absolutely loved it and ate every bite. What a fun Daddy!

Monday, February 1, 2010

They don't really care about us

The boy started doing the soldier march to "They don't really care about us" while we were watching the Michael Jackson "This is it" movie. He did it several times before I got it on video, so he was tired of it by this time, but it's still pretty funny. What a good dancer! He was so proud of himself the first time he did it. By the time I made this video he almost knew the routine!